website by Rebecca Tun using Frame

photos on website by Rebecca Tun, Lionel Tun and Simon Richardson

Anna uses Paul Joyce's bronze foundry in Essex, UK

I am indebted to:
Philippe Faraut, sculptor
John Doubleday, sculptor
John McGill, sculptor
Victor Issa, sculptor


Sculptor Philippe Faraut teaching a class Sculptor Victor Issa with Anna Tun and 'Matchless View' Anna Tun and 'Matchless View' by Victor Issa
Sculptor Philippe Faraut teaching a class

Sculptor Victor Issa with Anna Tun and 'Matchless View'

Anna Tun and 'Matchless View' by Victor Issa

Sculptor John McGill in his studio Foundry owner Paul Joyce working on a wax of 'The Listener' Photographer Rebecca Tun in Iceland
Sculptor John McGill in his studio

Foundry owner Paul Joyce working on a wax of 'The Listener'

Photographer Rebecca Tun in Iceland