about the artist

"It's only on becoming perfect that it stops screaming ugliness at one. Any step beyond this is accredited to beauty." - C.S. Lewis

Amelia Weightman Lord creates figurative sculptures in clay for casting in bronze. Her work has its basis in portrait study and amounts to a commentary on the movement and emotion of the subject. A sculpture is a 3D depiction of a 4D entity. The 4th dimension of time is encapsulated into the sculpture by the artist’s ongoing awareness of the physical and emotional presence of the subject.

Amelia nearly always works in collaboration with a model or using herself. She depicts real life attitudes in their ordinariness as well as extremity. The sculptures correlate authenticity with beauty.

Amelia’s work has been inspired by past masters including Rodin and Carpeaux and the current masters Tom Greenshields, Victor Issa and John McGill. In fact Amelia was so taken with Victor’s work that she bought a couple of his life size bronzes, and has studied under him since then.

She lives in Cambridge, UK.